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Re: [Question #700143]: Uniaxial compression calibration parameters are not applicable to triaxial compression


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Jan Stránský requested more information:

> I selected a set of the most appropriate parameters and obtained the uniaxial compression stress-strain curve consistent with the test.
> However, when I use the same parameters for triaxial compression simulation, I find that the parameters are not applicable.

This is expected (or at least not surprising).
If you set suitable parameters for one type of test, the model response for a different type of test might be (and usually is) not good.

> How should I adjust the parameters?

If you want your parameters to be good for both uniaxial and triaxial conditions, you should fit them simultaneously.
I.e. select a set of parameters, run both uniaxial and triaxial test, and evaluate both results together.
According to the results, difference from expected behavior etc. you can try a different set of parameters.
E.g. using a trial-and-error approach or some more sophisticated optimization approach, neural network, genetic algorithms.........

Fitting model parameters is whole separate science branch, as I see it.
Search/google "fitting model parameters", "model parameters selection" or similar.


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