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[Question #705718]: Error in the calculation of polyhedral particles


New question #705718 on Yade:

Hello everyone,

I am writing to seek help with using the Yade  from source code on Ubuntu 18.04. The source code was downloaded on February 23, 2023.When a polyhedral particle model is established for calculation, the following error will be reported: <WARNING> Polyhedra_support.cpp:234 bool yade::do_intersect(yade::Polyhedron, yade::Polyhedron, std::vector<int>&): Unhandled switch case:0, function do_intersect(…). And when I used an earlier version of yade, the same polyhedral particle model did not report this error. Is this caused by embedding between polyhedral particles?What should I do to avoid this warning?

Please help me to solve the above mentioned problem.
Thanks in advance,


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