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Re: [Question #705801]: MindlinDeresiewitz Contact Law Issue


Question #705801 on Yade changed:

Malek Jaran posted a new comment:
As a kind reminder, I am trying to analyze the sphere behavior before
sliding using Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_MindlinDeresiewitz() and under
loading, unloading, and reloading as described in the referenced paper
in Yade manual [Thornton 1991] to compute the hysteresis loop.

I also would like to point out that I looked at the source code (\pkg\dem\HertzMindlin.cpp) for implementation of the numerical scheme to update the tangential stiffness according to the normal and tangential loading history. I could not find it.
Has the contact law been tested before? I have not seen any complaints by users on the matter.

Note: I am a PhD student interested in YADE for his project. I hope my
ticket receives attention.

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