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Re: [Question #706854]: Code availability of Yuan2016, Sweijen2016


Question #706854 on Yade changed:

Karol Brzezinski proposed the following answer:
If there is only a single sphere involved, I don't see the point in
coupling anything. So, yes - it is just using the swelling model only.

Of course, I can imagine a single particle that is modeled by multiple
bonded spheres. And in such a case it could be interesting to use a
coupled simulation to 'observe' water infiltrating the particle, while
the sub-particles start swelling after contacting water. (it is just
conceptual, don't ask me how to do this).

First, you need to state your problem clearly.

Regarding your original question, I have found out that this was
discussed six years ago and the answer was negative. I suspect that the
authors of the article didn't have enough spare time to polish the code
and upload it to the repository. Consider asking directly the
corresponding author of the paper.


[2] https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/403166

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