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Re: [Question #707148]: Cylindrical triaxial test using Pfacet


Question #707148 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Jan Stránský requested more information:
> How do I achieve servo control? I am still not clear about this

e.g. using ServoPIDController [1]

> I guess there is no displacement-based servo control in the code

The loading is simply such that a constant velocity is prescribed (s.state.vel = ...)

>>> But the problem is that when implementing the code, facets generated using the command 'Pfacet' are destroyed
>> what does "are destroyed" mean? please provide a MWE
> Maybe you can try to run the code 'triax.py' and you will understand what I am talking about.

No, I will not understand, since there are no PFacets in current triax.py.
Therefore I ask for a MWE and better description of "are destroyed" (anyway useful even with the code).


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