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[Question #707260]: The problem of material parameters.


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Hi, everyone!
There is a question bother me for a long time. That’s the particle parameters young’s modulus and poisson’s ratio.

In Yade, we set the modulus and poisson’s ratio directly. kn = 2.*E*R1*E*R2/(E*R1+E*R2), Ks/Kn=P  ### some people say that kn = E*R1*E*R2/(E*R1+E*R2)
That’s to say the kn at different contact of the particles differs because the particle radius varies (different combination of R1 and R2).
However, we can set the value of kn and ks directly in PFC, which means the kn at different contact are the same.

Is my understanding above correct? Why this difference in software development?

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