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Re: [Question #707278]: Servo control of flexible membrane using ServoPIDController


Question #707278 on Yade changed:

Ruidong LI gave more information on the question:
Thanks for your reply, Jan!

I'd also like to ask whether the function for calculating the stress on
the loading plate and confining stress is correct or not:

def addPlotData():
 # axial stress
 global wAz
 global wAc
 global x_cyl
 global y_cyl
 fwt = Vector3(0, 0, 0)
 for i in idTplate:
  fwt += O.forces.f(i)
 fwb = Vector3(0, 0, 0)
 for j in idBplate:
  fwb += O.forces.f(j)
 # cylindrical stress
 fcyl = 0
 for n in nodes:
  fnode = O.forces.f(n.id)
  x,y,z = n.state.pos
  dirV = Vector3(x-x_cyl,y-y_cyl,0).normalized()
  fnodeMagn = fnode.dot(dirV)
  fcyl += fnodeMagn
 plot.addData(z=O.iter, swt=fwt[2]/wAz, swb=fwb[2]/wAz, swc = fcyl/wAc)

Many thanks

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