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Re: [Question #707311]: How to add rotation on the Boxfactory?


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
Hi! Jan,
    Thank you very much for your advice and answers. Most problems have been solved according to your answers, but “SyntaxError: invalid syntax” still occurs in terminal after correcte code. Could you give me some advice?

Yes, follow [2] and provide full code.
Here it is clear that the code is the same plus the comma, but it may not be like that always..

Here, O.engines is python list. You cannot have assignments in python lists.
As the error message suggest, you can use FactoryID:=BoxFactory(...), but then it cannot be used as ids in RotationEngine (which should be sequence of numbers)

> ... whether it is feasible.

I did not really get the point here..
Specifically the usage of the factory here..
And the RotationEngine. Should it be used on the spherical particles? Or the cylinder? or ... ?
I would start simply with all (or some) particles created in advance and then make it more complicated with the factory


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