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Re: [Question #707348]: Is the Level-set method applicable to the real terrain described by the gridded digital elevation model?


Question #707348 on Yade changed:

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gjb123 is still having a problem:

 > what is the purpose of "real terrain"

The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a type of terrain data that I
obtain from publicly available data sources, such as elevation, slope,
aspect, and terrain features

- what you want to simulate in general
- why do you want to use level set

I want to simulate the collision between particles constructed by Level
set function and real terrain, but the existing contact with particles
constructed by Level set function includes "Ig2_Box_LevelSet_ScGeom" or
"Ig2_Wall_LevelSet_ScGeom", but the shape of box or wall is difficult to
be as complex as real terrain, so I want to construct real terrain
through Level set function, which conforms to

In addition, this is a very simple small terrain I made through Rhino. I
want to know whether it can be expressed through the Level set function,
or how I should express it.


Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude :-)

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