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Re: [Question #707390]: segmentation fault (PFacet)


Question #707390 on Yade changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

Ruidong LI gave more information on the question:
Hi! Jan, Thanks for your reply.

- what is the "stabilization stage"?
> The "stabilization stage" refers to removing confining pressure for particles to cycle. The corresponding code can be found from:
# E.c.7). stablize #**********************************************************************#

- what time / iterations should we expect it to crash
> Once the code was executed at the "stabilization stage", the program crashed.

- what version of Yade are you using?
> I used Yade 2022.01a in the Ubuntu 22.04 system.

-I have tested the script (Ubuntu 22.04, Yade 2022.01a) until "start triaxial simulation" without any problem.
> Does the "start triaxial simulation" means the beginning confining?

-well, M here means Minimal, which is at least doubtful for the provided code..
> Actually, this is the MWE. It is a whole code containing creating the sample, generating the flexible membrane, applying confining pressure until the target value, stabilization, and applying deviator loading.

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