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Re: [Question #707311]: How to add rotation on the Boxfactory?


Question #707311 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> When I run the code the terminal shows 'BoxFactory' object has no
attribute 'id'.

it is because BoxFactory has no attriute id..
You cannot use it like this.

> I think Boxfactory might not be able to rotate.

The factory is just a "meta" object, creating new particles according to given criteria.
You really cannot rotate factory itself..
You can however rotate the particles it creates. But not using BoxFactory itself directly.

> On July 20, 2023, I proposed a method ...
> I have a method that can indirectly realize the rotating falling powders, and I would like to ask you to evaluate whether it is feasible. First,powders are deposited in a facetBox with an opening at the bottom. Then the facetBox is given a RotationEngine and a TranslationEngine(oriented along the z-axis) to achieve the powder factory rotation effect.

Sorry, I missed it
Definitely it is feasible.
I just do not understand what you want to achieve..
What is "powder factory rotation effect"?
Why do you need a factory, and not just simply use predefined set of particles?
Do you want to rotate spheres, or facets?
... ?

> However, the engine and factory did not operate as set up

Most of the time the behavior is exactly as set up.
Maybe it just behaves differently then expected?

Then a valuable information for us would be the expected behavior
compared to actual behavior, which is still not clear from the messages
(see the questions above).


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