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Re: [Question #707758]: JCFmat model parameters issue


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Title: "How to set the normal stiffness in the simulation?"
Question by suncan on 30 Oct 2021:
The user is having trouble with a simulation and needs help setting normal stiffness. They provided code attempting to append a new material (WallMat) with jointNormalStiffness=2.5e6 and jointShearStiffness=1e6, but the simulation isn't working as expected. Karol suggests consulting the FrictMat documentation and using young and poisson properties like in the case of spheres.

Title: "Boundary properties"
Question by johnav on 13 Nov 2019:
The user is seeking guidance on properties for plates created with facetbox in YADE to perform strength tests on 'rock' samples. They want to know the appropriate properties to assign and whether the plates should be made rigid like in a real test apparatus. The continuation provides information about setting up the simulation with YADE, suggesting that bodies created with facetBox() have zero mass and inertia by default.

Title: "damping in ViscElMat"
Question by feda.s on 28 Nov 2016:
Jérôme Duriez's solution resolved Jim's question about simulating gravity. In response to suggestions and comments, it was noted that using global damping instead of viscous damping may be a better approach for reaching the target porosity in the specific case.

Title: "Evolving material properties and timestep instability"
Question by rborela on 19 Aug 2015:
The user is experiencing numerical instability in a dense pack simulation with a porosity of 11%. Despite gentle stiffening and shrinking, the time step is decreasing rapidly, resulting in 'nan' values or particle explosion. The user seeks suggestions to handle this issue. Thanks Jan Stránský, that solved my question. Thank you very much, Jan. I changed that and ran the simulation from beginning to end and it worked perfectly :)

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