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Re: [Question #707780]: JCFmat model - Measuring Radial Strain in UCS Test


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Hey mahdi2023, check out some related threads. This is an automated

Title: "Triaxial  strength and strain  about JCFpmMat parameters"
Question by ziyuwang1 on 21 Feb 2022:
 Ziyuwang1 is using JCFpmMat to simulate rock materials and struggles with understanding which parameters affect peak strength. They've tried various combinations and are seeking suggestions for adjusting parameters. Luc provided a citation from reference [1] explaining the calibration procedure of the JCFPM model, suggesting to match the desired tensile strength to compressive strength ratio sigmac/sigmat, determine elastic parameters Eeq and kn/ks, local tensile strength t, and interparticle friction angle. The user also suggested looking at table 3 for sets of values for granite or sandstone. Coordination number is readily obtained in YADE with avgNumInteractions(). Ziyuwang1 found the solution provided by Jérôme Duriez helpful.

Title: "JCFmat model parameters issue"
Question by mahdi2023 on 28 Aug 2023:
 Mahdi2023 is experiencing an issue with JCFmat model parameters for simulating the UCS of rock specimens when assigning a value to tensileStrength, causing the UCS response to be controlled by tensileStrength instead of cohesion (70 MPa). Robert suggests that when tensile strength is assigned a value, it plays a role in the simulation and when set to 0, it does not. He requests further details about the Yade and Linux versions being used.

Title: "strain - stress curve of three point bending test"
Question by tinaatyade on 06 Jun 2017:
 Tina is seeking help with calculating the strain-stress curve for a three-point bending test using Yade. Jan suggests considering a force-displacement diagram and asks if Tina needs theoretical guidance or implementation help in Yade. Tina requests an algorithm to calculate the stress-strain relationship in YADE. Jan explains that in uniaxial tests, strain is the ratio of enlargement to original length and stress is the force divided by area. He also mentions that there are more general formulas for calculating stress, but in the case of three-point bending, force-displacement would be enough. Jan provides links to relevant Yade documentation.

Title: "Computing lateral strains in uniaxial tension tests"
Question by luc on 29 Aug 2017:
 Luc is seeking an efficient way to compute lateral strains in uniaxial tension tests using the uniaxialStrainer. Currently, there's no available function for this purpose. Jan suggests a method that involves calculating the distance of suitable particles from the central axis or surface and averaging their strain values.

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