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Re: [Question #707729]: How to couple Yade with other program?


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Jon posted a new comment:
Coupling Yade with other programs typically involves integrating Yade's
simulation capabilities with the functionalities of another software,
allowing them to exchange data and interact.Yade itself is a discrete
element method (DEM) simulation software primarily used for simulating
granular materials and their interactions.

Here are the general steps you would need to take to couple Yade with
another program:

Understand the Requirements: Determine what you want to achieve through
the coupling. Are you trying to feed simulation parameters to Yade from
another program, extract results from Yade, or achieve some other type
of interaction? Understanding your goals is essential.

Data Exchange Format: Decide on a format for exchanging data between the programs. This could be simple text files, binary files, APIs, shared memory, or any other suitable method.

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