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[Question #708281]: stress-strain curve without post-peak phase


New question #708281 on Yade:

I use TriaxialStressController engine to generate the stress-strain curve according script-session1.py, but I can't get the curve with post-peak phase. The link of my result is https://products.aspose.app/imaging/zh-hans/viewer?foldername=a49b0cbc-106a-4a67-8e5b-461a42ccf526&filename=c0dc31d99f3f4ae6e1638c88b6e4f4d.png. 
And the simulation has the error of https://products.aspose.app/imaging/zh-hans/viewer?foldername=6d3245ef-f72d-4904-8917-bc5ead8c5b68&filename=8bd6bde031106bf660ada3b1ff9d803.png. It happens at the end of simulation.
The link of my code is https://nextcloud.univ-lille.fr/index.php/s/A7XfTnGwFPgtMmK. 
Is there something wrong with my parameter settings? How should I modify it ?
Looking forward for your help.

Best regard,
Yushu WANG

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