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[Question #708696]: Triaxial test using polyhedral particles created by myself


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Hello, everyone
I am new in yade and I have a question about simulating triaxial test using polyhedral particles created by myself.
I have created some irregular polyhedral particles with python. The vertex coordinates of these particles were store in a txt file. By reading the data in this file, I created some polyhedral particles in yade based on this command:
                                            polyhedra_utils.polyhedra(m, v=ParList[i])
where, ParList is the list of vertex coordinates of the ith particle. Now, I want to simulating a triaxial test with these particles. How can I do that? 
Is there a function similar to pack.spherePack()? Can I use the TriaxialStressControlling? If the answer is yes, I want to know how do I make a hexahedral specimen out of my particles and perform isotopic compression? 
If there is no module for this requirement, on which c++ file can I make changes? How should the modified.cpp file run in yade?
I would appreciate it if you could reply to my query. This is really important in my research. 
Thank you 

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