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Re: [Question #707788]: Porosity in rotated measuring area


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Paul Schröder posted a new comment:
Hi Karol,

Changing the position of the particles and facets relative to the analysis volume is an interesting approach. Since I stop the movements in the simulation space to evaluate the current state anyway, the whole thing should be possible with a simulation that continues afterwards.
However, I used the following solution for myself: The analysis cell for porosity detuning is moved to different positions and kept parallel to the coordinate axes. The particles and facets do not need to be moved. In the areas where the porosity measurement space is partially outside my test space, I then correct the calculated porosity with a factor. This correction factor is made up of the total measuring volume of the "voxelPorosity()" function and the test volume in that area. Since there are no particles in the remaining area, I can only calculate the porosity for the examined space.

Your help was another inspiration for me, thank you very much!

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