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[Bug 2065333] Re: Install and configure (Ubuntu) in glance



Thanks for your report.

In the future, please copy/paste CLI sessions instead of sending a

The --os-cloud option refers to the name of a cloud defined in
clouds.yaml. In a standard devstack installation, you will find this
file at /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml. It contains the definition of a
cloud called "devstack-system-admin". You can read more about this in
the "CLOUD CONFIGURATION" section at https://docs.openstack.org/python-
openstackclient/latest/cli/man/openstack.html#cloud-configuration .

I'm going to mark this as Invalid, feel free to reopen if you think the
docs should be modified.

** Changed in: glance
       Status: New => Invalid

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  Install and configure (Ubuntu) in glance

Status in Glance:

Bug description:

  This bug tracker is for errors with the documentation, use the
  following as a template and remove or add fields as you see fit.
  Convert [ ] into [x] to check boxes:

  - [x] This doc is inaccurate in this way: in the command to register quota limits, when I run command: "openstack --os-cloud devstack-system-admin registered limit create --service glance --default-limit 1000 --region RegionOne image_size_total", it says "Cloud devstack-system-admin was not found"
  - [ ] I have a fix to the document that I can paste below including example: input and output. 

  If you have a troubleshooting or support issue, use the following

   - The mailing list: https://lists.openstack.org
   - IRC: 'openstack' channel on OFTC

  Release: 28.0.2.dev4 on 2023-06-28 21:28:33
  SHA: 99540a990fceca89d0e4e73493f4cc05dbd5441e
  Source: https://opendev.org/openstack/glance/src/doc/source/install/install-ubuntu.rst
  URL: https://docs.openstack.org/glance/2024.1/install/install-ubuntu.html

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