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Fuse filesystems that might be useful with zim


Dear all,

I recently had some offline discussion about encryption / password
protection of zim notebooks. Because zim uses a directory structure
instead of a single file this is not straight forward to implement and
I have no intention to support this low level. However as a generic
solution for encryption I ran across encfs [1]. This is a fuse module
that allow encrypting specific directories. It seems useful to me for
e.g. to protect private data against laptop theft.

Now as a small hack I want zim to prompt for the password and mount /
umount the encfs directory automatically so I do not need to do that
manually all the time. Basically this is just a config for two
commands and a password prompt, nothing fancy. But it will cover the
password protection use case very nicely.

Now I'm brainstorming which other fuse modules might be useful to use
with zim. For example there is a wikipediafs module [2]. Of course I
would still need to add support for the wikipedia wiki syntax, but the
filesystem layer would handle all the network stuff :)   (Btw. anyone
interested in this, please provide me with a set of test data in
mediawiki format and the same data in zim format so I can add this
syntax module).

Are there any other filesystem modules that can be used in a similar
way ? Of course I will make the config generic enough to put in other
commands, but coming up with some use cases for the documentation can



[1] http://www.arg0.net/encfs
[2] http://wikipediafs.sourceforge.net/