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Subversion support



Yesterday I finished reworking the Subversion support. Not yet
submitted due to network trouble, but I uploaded a snapshot here:

Since I use Bazaar myself I would like to hear back from the more
heavy Subversion users whether it works or whether I forgot something.
Please check out the snapshot above and let me know an OK / NOK to go
ahead releasing this. Please check usage both on exiting notebooks as
well as creating a new one and enabling SVN (just click "save version"
the first time).

In theory support should now work the same as for Bazaar, so the "Save
Version" and "Versions..." dialogs from the File menu work. Also kept
the "SVN Commit" (same as "save version"), "SVN Update" and "SVN
Cleanup" items in the Tools menu. Also I kept the check whether a page
is up to date on each page load as the old plugin was doing. When you
initialize version control on a new notebook you get to choose between
Bazaar and Subversion, choosing svn will prompt for url / username /
password. I decided to create the URL with mkdir if it does not yet
exist and then go for checkout; files will be added in the subsequent
commit. This way we can circumvent all the nastiness of having to use

In the mean time I will try to pack as many small fixes from the bug
tracker as I can do in about one day and then go prepare a new
release. Allowing time for testing and updating translations that
would put a new release on the agenda in about ~4 weeks time. After
that I'll go off for a while hacking on my python implementation.


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

P.S. anyone here planning to attend the CCC congress in Berlin end of December ?

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