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Re: Contributing to a separate bzr branch.


Dotan Cohen wrote:
I have downloaded Trunk to my $HOME directory and edited a file. Now,
how do I upload the changes?

hardy2@hardy2-laptop:~$ bzr branch lp:zim
Branched 116 revision(s).
hardy2@hardy2-laptop:~$ vi zim/share/zim/doc/Usage.txt

Now what?

You can go two ways:

1) Generate a patch and mail it to me. This is the easiest and is recommended for small one time patches (although you can send very large branches this way as well). The command to run would be:

    $ bzr send -o some-feature.patch

Now just email the file 'some-feature.patch' to me.

2) Register a branch with launchpad (or publish a branch on your own website). This is recommended when you intend to do multiple commits and want to allow others to check it out before it is merged in trunk. At any time you can request a merge to trunk.

The commands to run can be found here: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/mini-tutorial/index.html



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