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Re: dump notes to mediawiki, or trac


Pablo Angulo wrote:
 I'll wait for the python port, read Jaap's code, and rewrite in the
future as an additional export format, if no one does it before. But, on
the meantime, I'll use this hack and solve problems manually.

In fact the python port already has a fairly decent parser for the zim wiki format that can be used as a base for this kind of work. Your code will at least be very useful a example on how to format the trac output (btw. from your subject line I assume trac uses the mediawiki format - is that correct ?).

I will add this piece of code to the python dev tree, so it can be used as a basis later.

 The following python code is a hack, and it might fail on some syntax.
I took a choice regarding links with categories: I decided to flatten
zim links like [[:Software:note taking:zim|zim]] to wiki entries like
[Software_note_taking_zim zim].

I don't know what characters are allowed in page names in trac - is there another character that can be used to make the hierarchy more obvious ? Or maybe flatten using a double "_" ?

Thanks a lot Pablo!


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