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Windows installer for Zim has been updated with v0.28 code tree


Hi all,

I've updated my Windows installer and fixed a few issues.

Home page: http://code.google.com/p/zimdesktopwiki-windows/

>From the change log:
* Fixed Case 9. Updated to Zim 0.28 source.
* Fixed Case 2. "PERL5LIB environment variable causing trouble"
* Fixed Case 5. "Setup $XDG_DATA_HOME..."
* Fixed Case 6. "Remove 'database' modules..."
* Fixed Case 4. "Thumbdrive compatibility" -- now has Portable install mode.

There is one self-extracting installer for Desktop and Portable mode
-- you choose during the install wizard.

Comments, NSIS suggestions, Windows batch scripting suggestions, bug
reports, et cetera are all still welcome. I think we're in a pretty
good place now, though, considering this installer will have to be
abandoned after the port to Python. Maybe next week after a few
thumbs-up expressions from the team, we should publish this on

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