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Project update on the python port


Hi all,

As some may have noticed today I defined milestones for the python release in launchpad and I started targeting various open bugs to those milestones.

I plan to have two alpha and two beta versions before replacing the current perl version with a python release. For this target release I assigned the arbitrary version number of 0.42.

The first alpha release will probably be due in a couple of weeks and will just be consolidation of the framework, not much to see, but proof of concept on a couple of radical changes in the code. In alpha2 and beta1 the bulk of the existing features will be added and I will call for testers and translators when these come out. The second beta release will essentially be a release candidate which should be production ready.

Anyone interested in the exact items per milestone can check them out on launchpad.

Time frame is all highly dynamically but I still hope to be ready with 0.42 before mid summer.



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