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Zim 0.42 released -- where is the Windows installer?


Hi all,

I'm still the maintainer of the Windows installer since I built the Perl Zim
installer last year, right? I'm so sorry you haven't heard much from me

I may or may not have posted a few weeks ago saying I was able to get Zim
and Python and GTK working in a Windows XP VM, but hadn't yet made much
progress on an installer. Since then a lot of personal stuff has come up,
not the least of which was my home router dying last week, which you know
really puts a damper on any motivation to work on tech projects at home. :^(

Does anyone want to take my notes and my keys to the Google Code site for
the Windows installer, and take over the job?

If not, I'll try really hard get something out in the next two weeks or
so. I think I can probably get Zim .29 rebuilt with the old Perl Zim
installer by tomorrow night; then I'll go for .42 and Python.

Jaap and everyone else, thanks for the hard work! I'm glad to be involved in
such a useful product.

Brendan Kidwell

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