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Zim 0.43 released


Dear all,

Just uploaded zim 0.43. As always sources and unofficial ubuntu
package can be found on the website at

This is a bug fix release which includes a number of fixes related to
indexing notebooks created with older versions of zim. Issues with
duplicate entries in the index for older notebooks have been resolved.
Also a bug with the text formatting buttons in the toolbar has been
resolved. Translations were added for English (United Kingdom), Greek
and Polish.



Full changelog:

* Added update method for data format for older notebooks
* Fixed bug with duplicates showing in the index
* Fixed bug with indexing on first time opening a notebook
* Fixed bug with format toggle buttons in the toolbar
* Fixed bug with permissions for files created by zim
* Fixed bug with selection for remove_link
* Fixed bug with default path for document_root
* Fixed bug with updating links to children of moved pages
* Added strict check for illegal characters in page names
* Improved PageEntry to highlight illegal page names
* Improved user interaction for Edit Link and Insert Link dialogs
* Trigger Find when a page is opened from the Search dialog
* Allow selecting multiple tags in Task List plugin
* Allow negative queries in Task List, like "not @waiting"
* Checkbox icons are now included in export
* Fixed import of simplejson for pyton 2.5 specific
* Translations added for: English (United Kingdom), Greek and Polish

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