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Zim 0.44 released!


Dear all,

Just released zim 0.44 - it is available from the website as usual.

This release adds improved support for complex search queries. Also
options for recursive checkbox lists and indenting of bullet lists has
been added. Several bugs have been fixes related with unicode support in
various widgets. Support for windows has been improved as well.
Translations were added for Russian and Swedish.

Detailed changes below.

Apologies that I didn't give proper notice to update translations before
the release. Will do that again next time.

My next focus for development is adding the "custom tools" feature, which
allows configuring external applications or scripts to be called from zim.

I saw a lot of activity in the bug tracker in the last month, and I'm very
happy with that - this way zim will become as robust as it needs to be
-- keep them coming ;)



Changes since 0.43:
* Implemented more advanced search syntax - see manual for details
* Implemented recursive checkbox usage and recursive indenting bullet lists
* Merged "Insert Link" and "Insert External Link" dialogs
* Added options to insert attached images and attach inserted images
* Support for recognizing image attachment on windows
* Fixed bug for lower case drive letters in windows paths
* Fixed bug with non-date links in the calendar namespace
* Fixed bug with invalid page names during move page
* Fixed bugs with unicode in search, find, task list tags, auto-linking pages
  and in url encoding
* Several fixes in behavior of the page index widget
* Added translations for Russian and Swedish

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