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zim for maemo (N800-N810-N900 Nokia devices)


Hi all,

I'm porting pyzim for the Nokia N8x0-N900 tablets. 
Those are small handheld ARM computers (about 4" screen size) running maemo 
linux, so many changes are due to the small screen (and some other due to OS 
Actually I have a more or less working version (currently based in 0.43, but 
I'll try to get 0.44 merged) here:
I'd like to have my changes merged into mainline, or my releases will quickly 
diverge since you have a quite fast development pace.
Could it be possible? How should I start sending patches? Can I send a 
big-patch up to date (there aren't too many changes) or should I break into 
small pieces?

Kind regards.
Miguel Angel
Don't see the world through a window, be open{source}minded, and be free :-)

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