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Windows news: new apt-like package management project CoApp starting up


Hi all,

Yes I still plan to complete the Windows package for Zim that I started here
< https://code.launchpad.net/~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer >; sorry it's
not done yet.

I just wanted to let everyone know that a Microsoft employee with a serious
itch has gotten the go ahead to start building an apt-like package system
for Windows, out in the open with community buy-in. He's REALLY enthusiastic
about it. See this Slashdot thread <
Supposedly he's already got the PHP, Python, and Apache teams on-board and
wants to get them and their dependencies up and running in his package
management system first.

I applied to join the project mailing list and I want to be on board with
Zim as soon a Python and GTK+ are ready in CoApp (which admittedly could be
months or years away; the project hasn't yet actually delivered any end-user
stuff because it's just getting started this week).

We definitely shouldn't give up on the existing system I've started to build
because that's likely the only way you can get a "portable install" for
the foreseeable future. I'll keep you posted on both branches of my work.

Brendan Kidwell