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Zim 0.47 released !


Dear all,

I just uploaded the 0.47 release of zim. Both sources and unofficial
ubuntu package are available from the website at
http://www.zim-wiki.org/downloads.html .

This release add significant improvements for the page index and the
task list index. For the task list plugin "TODO" and "FIXME" tags are
supported again. The trayicon plugin now supports the Ubuntu 10.4
application-indicator menu. The trayicon menu also has a new "create
note" dialog to quickly paste text into any notebook. A new plugin was
added to insert symbols and special characters. And a new plugin was
added to insert and edit GNU R plots. Placeholders can now be moved
and deleted as regular pages. Non-utf8 filesystems are now supported
as well as unicode filenames on windows. A translation was added for
Traditional Chinese.

See changelog excerpt below for more details.

I think there was too much time in between this release and the
previous one, with many fixes and new features queuing up. Will try to
get back to make smaller releases roughly on a monthly basis.



=== 0.47 - Sun  6 Jun 2010 ===
Big release with lots of new functionality but also many bug fixes

* Significant performance improvements for the page index widget
* Task list plugin now uses the index database to store tasks, this makes
  opening the dialog much faster. Also the dialog is updated on synchronous
  as soon as changes in the current page are saved.
* Added support for "TODO" and "FIXME" tags in task list plugin, as a special
  case headers above checkbox lists are supported as well
* Added "create note" dialog to quickly paste text into any zim notebook,
  it is available from the trayicon menu and can be called by a commandline
* Support added for new "app-indicator" trayicon for Ubuntu 10.4
* Added support to start trayicon by a commandline switch
* Option added to reformat wiki text on the fly (Johannes Reinhardt)
* Attach file dialog can now handle multiple files at once (Johannes Reinhardt)
* Layout for linkmap improved by switching to the 'fdp' renderer
* Added new plugin "Insert Symbols" for inserting e.g. unicode characters
* Added new plugin to insert and edit plots using GNU R (Lee Braiden)
* Added scripts needed to build a windows installer and fixed various issues
  relating to proper operation of zim when compiled as windows executable
* Added option to delete links when deleting a page or placeholder
* Added option to "move" placeholder by updating links
* Fixed bug with interwiki links to other notebooks
* Fixed various bugs due to unicode file names on windows and non-utf8
  filesystems on other platforms
* Fixed bug with non-utf8 unicode in urls
* Fixed bugs with calendar plugin when embedded in side pane
* Fixed support for icons for custom tools
* Fixed bug with indented verbatim blocks (Fabian Moser)
* Added translation for Traditional Chinese

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