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Re: Shifting accents


Hi Evgeny,

you might be interested in the different efforts towards a semantic
desktop, in particular Tracker [1]. This is quite close to what you

I do not believe, that a home-grown, zim-specific solution is a good
idea. For example, I do not like the idea of cluttering the filesystem
with files containing metadata, Integration with other tools is
improbable and a lot of work. A tool like Zim should offer
note-taking facilities, not a framework for storing metadata.

I believe that it might be a good idea to integrate Zim more tightly
with Tracker to handle Metadata (like Tags, a Tag implementation using
Tracker should be quite easy, as all the heavy lifting is done by
Tracker), but this poses difficulties for portability (afaik there is
no Tracker for Windows).



[2] http://projects.gnome.org/tracker/index.html 

On Wed, 7 Jul 2010 13:11:02 +0400
Evgeny Kurbatov <EvgenyKurbatov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> I use Zim for a two years for short notes only.  Although I'd like
> to exist the common way for storing any kind of documents, contacts,
> e-mails, notes, associating it with each other, Zim is not the proper
> way to do this (yet, but I hope some day).  There are some methods to
> organize data oriented to one particular task: Eviolution is good for
> e-mail, contacts, and calendar; Nautilus is good for files; Referencer
> is good for articles and for notes but with restrictions (as Nautilus
> btw); a lot of CMS like Drupal and Joomla with using plugins like
> DOCman are good but are heavyweight.  Only Google moves to the side of
> the total data integration.  However the Google way is the web way and
> it is not the proper way sometimes, moreover even Google is too far from
> that.  
> Unlike CMS where data storage structure is hidden from the user in
> binary database, Zim uses the file system as the database.  In such a db
> the text notes have favor position over the data stored in other
> formats.  This is consistent with the idea of Zim, but complicates an
> integration of other data formats to Zim, the latest threads in this
> mailing list have faced the issue.  I propose to slightly shift accents
> to hold different data in more uniform way.  In future this can differ
> the concept Zim stands on but rise it to a new level.
> The idea is simply the integration of Zim's database into a user's
> directory tree.  Every directory in the tree will hold a file named e.g.
> '.zimlocal' containing associations of files and directories with some
> data type.  In a simplest case a data type is the mark "notes page" or
> "folder" in terms of Zim.  As it is hard to distinguish the notes and
> ordinary files, the direct marking of them is the good case.  The
> non-marked files just places where they are, they can be attached to
> notes or not.  Every note page has familiar Zim's format so we don't
> need to change the engine much.  In a more general case '.zimlocal'
> files can hold the links between files bypassing or alternating the
> links in notes pages.  In addition there may be received a new way to
> browse data in Zim: in the left panel where the folders' tree is shown,
> can be the file and directory tree.  We can look further and see
> additional plugins allowing to deal with vCards, vCalendars, maildirs
> etc.  With this way we'll can associate contacts, e-mails, comments,
> documents, calendar milestones etc.  It may result a kinda OS :)
> As for me, right now I strongly need a way to store comments with links
> for a big collection of an articles and books, and I don't need to
> separate this collection from the rest of files in my projects.  The
> Referencer which is used for now is not good for this.  I hope my
> suggestion will not seem useless to you, or too complicated.  Jaap,
> you're doing a great job.  Let's make a brainstorm and figure out
> something good.
> Regards,
> Evgeny Kurbatov
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