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Re: background color


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Alessandro Magni <magni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I'm looking for a way to customize the background color, but cannot find
>>> it.
>>> Can you tell me if it is/will be available?
>> At the moment only way is to change the Gtk theme.
> I'm not an expert at all in GTK, so I just searched under yum (fedora 13
> here, in KDE), I found out among the others:
> gtk-chtheme.x86_64 : Gtk+ 2.0 theme preview and selection made slick
> lxappearance.x86_64 : Feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher for LXDE
> I tried both, applied some new themes, but Zim seems oblivious to any
> change...

I would kind of hope that fedora has a standard look & feel preference
that changes the gtk theming as well. But since I myself use neither
KDE nor fedora I don't really know.

Maybe some KDE user on the list knows how to do this ?



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