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Release planning zim 0.49


Dear all,

Just wanted to give you an update on the release planning for zim
version 0.49. I'm targeting for a release in 2-3 weeks time from now.
So if possible I want to integrate any new patches this week. Then I
will update the translation files and put out a call for translators
next week. If you have any patches lying around you want in for this
release please let me know this week.

Please be warned that I will be offline for most of November (I expect
no computer access whatsoever) so I will not be able to follow up
quickly on issues or questions that may pop up after the release.
However I do not want to delay the release till December because of
the number of pending bug fixes. I hope some of you guys can help out
answering any questions here on the mailing list during this time
frame and maybe keep an eye on the bug tracker for critical issues.