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Re: @tags?



On 10/13/2010 05:49 PM, tsr wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw on the wiki[1] that there is a pretty fleshed out proposal for
> getting tags back into zim.
> Also it seems Fabian Moser has started out[2] implementing it.
> What is the status of this? I would really like to like zim, and tags
> is atm one of the missing features.

Yes, in principle I'm working on it, but couldn't allocate significant
time the last few weeks. I'm confident that this will improve during the
next two or three weeks.

The status is that I have started to extend the parser and the API and
in parallel started a plug-in that implements the additional GUI. At the
moment it displays a list of tags every time the user switches the page.
I would estimate the progress until I can propose a merge at around 10%.

Hope this answers your questions for now.


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