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disable a TODO by strikeout?


before I add a feature request, I just wanted to ask if it is easy to
have a TODO item disabled by striking it out. Currently this is not
possible. I know I can use the checkboxes, but I am talking about the
self-defined tags like TODO and FIXME. When something is fixed, it is
quite nifty to just double-click the word and then use strike out to
show that it has been fixed. I quess the expression is looking for
TODO and anything in-front and behind is ignored.

I ofte do things like this:

TODO need to look at this more closely @followup

and then when I do something about it:

-TODO- need to look at this more closely @followup
=> Found a better way to impement

where -TODO- is strikeout.

Currently I have to introduce an additional character into TODO to
disable it from the task list. xTODO is ok TODOx is not ok, it still
shows up in tasklist


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