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Re: Text file headers and Other Things


On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 8:21 AM, Jonathan Reeve <jon.reeve@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm a non-programmer, but a zim enthusiast, and I would love for zim to have
> the option of not printing those headers in my text files--the ones that
> give the text type and version number and everything.

This is not so easy since they are there for a good reason. This is
that without these headers we can not be sure if a file is a zim file
and in what format it is. Without these headers we can not guarantee
forward compatibility when the format changes.

Of course everything is possible when there is a good reason, but it
requires some good thinking to make a good design without these

> I would also love to
> get zim to play well with vim wiki, i.e. Use =Header 1=, ==Subheader 1==,
> ===Subheader 2=== etc. I don't know how to write much code but I would love
> to try to hack it a little bit. Could someone direct me to the appropriate
> files or lines where I might be able to change these options for myself? I
> would much appreciate it, and it would help me to learn a lot more about the
> program.

This is easier, you can change it by modifying the reading and writing
of the wiki format. THis is all in the file zim/formats/wiki.py.
Search for the parameter 'level' being used for headings and change
the logic to calculate the number of "=" signs.