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Zim tagging snapshot/preview



I would like to announce a first development snapshot (or call it
preview, if you would like to stick to the preview-alpha-beta logic) of
tag support in Zim. This is not a plugin, but extends the Zim core and
therefore is a complete Zim snapshot.

You can download the source package from the Wiki:

Do not use this with production notebooks as it makes the index
incompatible with older versions. (Of course you can always rebuild an
index may the need arise to go back.)

(As written on the Wiki) You have to enable the included "Tag Tree"
plugin in order to navigate using tags. It creates a tab on top of the
conventional index tree.

If you find bugs, please report them and add the Launchpad tag "tags".
Please do not report missing features, as they are currently managed on
the Wiki page (after discussion on this list).