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Re: greetings :)


On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 6:37 PM, Lisa Vitolo <syn.shainer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm Lisa and I recently subscribed to the team on launchpad. I'd like
> to contribute to your project which seems very interesting to me, so
> I've started reading the hacking notes but I don't really know how to
> get started and making a good contribution, mainly by developing (I
> know Python quite well) but also for other things. Can you give me
> some advice, like, where to look to have a good idea of the project as
> a whole, and what I need to know in advance?

Welcome :)

Afraid the code is the best documentation, although most classes do
have some API documentation. Most people start by looking at plugins
they are interested in and go from there. (Yes I know, the hacking
notes should have a "how to write a plugin" - it is on my todo list.)

Probably best way to get started is select a feature of bug fix you
are interested in and dig in the code where this is located. I tagged
some bug reports that may be relatively easy to start with with the
"papercut" tag in the bug tracker.

> Another question: do you have an IRC channel too for users and/or
> developers, or just this mailing list?

So far we just communicate by email and using the bug tracker. Very
specific implementation questions are best send by direct email
instead of through the mailing list. But the list is fine for
requesting comments on design choices etc.