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Re: text editor - SUGGESTION


El 31/03/11 09:49, Jaap Karssenberg escribió:
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 4:01 AM, Dale Longpre <doublewitt@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:doublewitt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Suggestion: I would like to be able to edit my paragraphs with the
>     typical editing options such as LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT and JUSTIFIED.
>     I attached a tiny picture and I'm sure you will know what I mean...
> Since zim focuses more on content than on presentation this is not
> very high on my list. However you can put it in the bug tracker as a
> feature request, maybe someone else wants to pick it up.
> Would help if we have a good proposal how to encode this in wiki syntax.

Sorry to be picky, but could this be made optional? Specifically, I hope
the syntax is not very common so it doesn't happen by accident. Remember
we include in our notes snippets of all sorts of source code, so ''' and
{{{ and some other apparently unusual markup do happen. If there are
gonna be several requests like this, how about a unified syntax for all
the non-content markup?

Just an opinion