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Windows screenshot tool integration



I'm on Windows and found a simple command-line screenshot tool called
boxcutter (http://rasm.ods.org/boxcutter/) which I'd like to integrate into
the screenshot plugin.

My first attempt was to hack the plugin code by replacing scrot with
boxcutter.  This was pretty easy, I just removed scrot's delay and
multiscreen options and replaced with boxcutter's -f (fullscreen) for the
fullscreen variant.  I also removed the user-interface delay setting.

This worked all except for the actual insertion in the page.  The screenshot
tool was called, and created the file "insert-screenshot.png" correctly,
both in selection and fullscreen modes.

However, the screenshot fails to get put in the page, and the screenshot
doesn't get renamed with a timestamp.  Apparently the helper status is not
OK, because when you open the preferences dialog, the error appears that
says something went wrong running boxcutter.

Since I'm on Windows, there's a lot of setup to be done before I could debug
this from python source.  Does anyone have the insight to know what might be
wrong or the few minutes it would take to debug this in a Windows source
environment?  I can send the code.


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