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Bug or Issue maybe?


I ran into the following issue while editing an existing notebook using the
"latest" Zim code. The existing notebook already contained some tags using
the new syntax.

The stack trace below occurs when I was moving a particular page to a new
location (right click --> Move Page..). After the error occurs, the data for
the page appears to be lost.

My intention was to try out the snapshot for the next release, but I'm on
Fedora, so no PPAs. Perhaps there's a step that needs to be performed when
updating to the next release?

Brian ..

This is zim 0.50
Python version is sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=0,
releaselevel='final', serial=0)
Gtk version is (2, 22, 0)
Pygtk version is (2, 17, 0)
Platform is posix
No bzr version-info found

======= Traceback =======
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/gui/__init__.py", line
1224, in _wrap_move_page
    func(update_links, callback)
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/gui/__init__.py", line
1183, in <lambda>
    path, newpath, update_links, callback),
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/notebook.py", line 973, in
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/index.py", line 850, in
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/index.py", line 873, in
    tags = list(self.list_tags(path))
  File "/home/bshaver/Documents/Projects/zim/zim/index.py", line 1457, in
    cursor.execute('select * from tagsources where source == ?', (path.id,))
OperationalError: no such table: tagsources

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