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Bug: error when exporting notebook with attachements. Can I debug a specific page?


That's an old annoyance (first seen in Zim 0.48), but I would like to
report it today, because the feature is important for me. Export
notebook of a certain size (or, with attachments) generate an error
message (see print screen). The error window cannot be expended. I
tried to run zim from the shell, but I don't know how to show the error
I encounter in the shell. How do I do it? and is it of any use.

I passed the command "zim -DV [notebook [page]] but DEBUG stops after
the message: Deaemon replied: true

[mt@nh28d ~]$ zim
-DV /home/mt/zim/private/private/matsuda/hiroshi/2011-07-28.txt INFO:
This is zim 0.52 DEBUG: Python version is sys.version_info(major=2,
minor=7, micro=1, releaselevel='final', serial=0) DEBUG: Platform is
posix DEBUG: Zim revision is:
	branch: pyzim-trunk
	revision: 391 pardus@xxxxxxxx-20110428180907-hls8utfz1nege9ji
	date: 2011-04-28 20:09:07 +0200

DEBUG: Not running from a source dir
DEBUG: Set XDG_DATA_HOME to /home/mt/.local/share
DEBUG: Set XDG_DATA_DIRS to [<Dir: /usr/share>, <Dir: /usr/local/share>]
DEBUG: Set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to /home/mt/.config
DEBUG: Set XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to [<Dir: /etc/xdg>]
DEBUG: Set XDG_CACHE_HOME to /home/mt/.cache
DEBUG: Running command: gui
DEBUG: Sending to daemon: ["ping",[],{}]

DEBUG: Daemon replied: "Ack"
DEBUG: Sending to daemon: ["vivicate",

DEBUG: Daemon replied: true
DEBUG: Sending to daemon: ["relay",

DEBUG: Daemon replied: true
[mt@nh28d ~]$  

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