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Windows 0.53 PRERELEASE including PortableApps.com build


[Trying sending this again because I used the wrong From address the first


I've spent the last night tweaking the Windows build and install processes.

* Switched from GTK + PyCairo + PyGobject + PyGTK to "PyGTK-all-in-one"
package; brought the desktop installer package size down to 13.3MB

* Desktop installer clears "$PROGRAMFILES/Zim Desktop Wiki" before writing
to it. (Otherwise there might be some leftover cruft after the
PyGTK-all-in-one change.)

* Desktop UNINSTALLER correctly removes user-level and "all users"-level
Desktop icon and Start Menu shortcuts (2008, Vista, XP).

* Added 256x256 resolution image to zim.ico file for better appearance in
Desktop folder (2008, Vista, XP).

* Created portable installer package using PortableApps.com tools. Ready to
final submit to PortableApps.com after we "go live" with 0.53.

* Sorry, I couldn't make any headway on
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/830043 "look and feel on windows:
default gtk laf is used".

Before I officially send Jaap a merge request for these changes, I hope that
one or two people could try it out. I'd particularly like to hear from
people who do NOT have English as their desktop language. (I couldn't figure
out how to change my default language to test it.)

Does your chosen language show up in the Zim application UI -- in the
DESKTOP and PORTABLE versions? (The desktop installer script itself is not
setup for translation, but the payload should be.)

Desktop installer

PortableApps.com installer

Unmerged Windows-related code changes to produce the above

If you try out this build, please follow the mailing list and upgrade when
the FINAL 0.53 build for Windows is available.

Always backup your data!

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