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Re: Unordered index - how?


2011/9/5 João Magalhães <xyzt1234@xxxxxxx>

> Hi. The automatic sorting in the index pane is being unhelpful if I want to
> have an index where the page names are not to be presented in alphabetic
> order.
> Say, for instance, i'd like to have the name of the planets, ordered from
> the sun; or european capitals west to east intead of alphabetically. Or,
> more commonly, book chapters with (unnumbered) titles in their sequence. I'm
> sure you thought of this.
> Can that automatic sorting in the index pane be turned off or somehow
> worked around? Thanks.

Afraid this is not possible at the moment. See this bug report
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/278417 .

I have a working branch of the code that allows for custom ordering, but it
is not finished yet, so will take some time to end up in a release.