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Zim 0.53 for Windows available now


The Windows builds of Zim 0.53 are ready to download. Thanks to Jaap and all
other contributors for their hard work.


The Desktop Installer creates Start Menu shortcuts and shell launch
integration for .zim files. The new Portable Installer based on
PortableApps.com's toolchain creates no system-wide footprint and runs
entirely from its installed folder. If you want to keep the executable on a
thumbdrive or a network share, use the Portable version.

If you installed a prerelease build of 0.53 for Windows, please reinstall
from one of the installers published today!

A note about the PortableApps.com tools: While I did use PortableApps.com's
toolchain to build the portable installer (and save myself a lot of
experimentation), I have not yet submitted the application to
PortableApps.com. Surprisingly, there is no simple "submit a new
application" form. You're expected to join the community, do the usual
lurking, post a forum message in the "Beta releases" forum, and then hope
that one of the catalog maintainers will pick up your project after people
post positive comments. I suppose I can understand why they'd do it this
way, but I expected something more like Freshmeat's workflow. Oh well. I'll
be starting that process this week and if it ever goes anywhere I'll let you
all know.

Brendan Kidwell

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