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Re: txt2tags support


On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 6:23 PM,  <hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> According to Wikipedia, but no where else I've found, Zim supports exporting
> to txt2tags.
> Was/is this (still/ever) true?

This was true for the 0.2x series of zim. After the re-write in python
I didn't implement this again, and till today nobody complained about
it. So my guess is that not many people - if anybody - was using it.

> If no, could someone please make it so?

I see you have been commenting on various feature request in the bug
tracker, so you know where to file new feature requests ;)

Joking aside I had a look at the pandoc toolchain. Since it is
haskell, it is not something that is easy to adopt for zim. However I
can think of a 2-step process where zim exports to a single format
that is supported by pandoc and then it is an easy step to have pandoc
convert it to any of the other formats. However not having tried it I
have no idea what format is best to support for this kind of
conversion: txt2tags, markdown, rest, .. ?

> In either case, I'd suggest correcting the errors/omissions in appropriate
> locations for greater clarity and consistency.

Feel free to go ahead and edit it. Wikipedia is volunteer driven, I
never submitted a description of zim myself there.

> Actually I'd prefer pandocs-extended markdown and/or reST/Sphinx, ideally
> all three, and rather than just export, native editor/rendering support
> would be nice if it's not too much trouble. . .

Problem with native support is that the format need to map 1-on-1 with
all the zim features. Although this is something I'm working towards,
it will take some more time to materialize. So let's start with a
single export format to hook into the tool chain.



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