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Zim 0.55 released !


Dear all,

I just uploaded version 0.55 of zim to the website. This release add
support for numbered lists, adds Markdown as export format (and "Copy As"
format). Also the index is now sorted "naturally" (so "10" sorts below "9")
and there is a new plugin to show a table of contents per page. The search
dialog has been fixed so it no longer hangs while searching, results are
now shown incrementally and the search can be canceled. Fixed bugs with the
export dialog, and for case sensitive rename on windows.




=== 0.55 - Tue 28 Feb 2012 ===
* Numbered lists are now supported
* The index now has "natural" sorting, so "9" goes before "10"
* Added new plugin to show a Table Of Contents per page, and allows
modifying the outline
* Added Markdown (with pandoc extensions) as an export format
* New context menu item "move text" for refactoring text to a new page
* Tasklist now supports a "next:" keyword to indicate dependencies,
  and it can hide tasks that are not yet actionable
* Made zim taskbar icons and trayicon overloadable in theme - Andrei
* Fixed behavior of Recent Pages pathbar in cases where part of the history
is dropped
* Fixed behavior of the Search dialog, it no longer hangs and also allows
cancelling the search
* Fixed bug where replacing a word (e.g spell correction) could drop
* Fixed behavior of case-sensitive rename on a case-insensitive file system

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