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Re: Deleted pages in cygwin: Where do they go?


> > I am using zim within cygwin on windows, as this makes getting plugins to
> > work easier.
> >
> > However, I've read that when deleting pages, they are supposed to go to a
> > Trash bin, including all attachments (and subitems) -- on cygwin there is
> > none such, that I knew of. They don't go to the Windows waste bin either.
> >
> > With this, there doesn't seem to be any way to restore accidentially
> deleted
> > pages -- is that true or is there some solution to restore deleted pages
> on
> > Cygwin?
> No this is correct, if there is no waste bin pages are deleted
> permanently. However in this case there should be a confirmation
> dialog for deleting pages stating that deleting in permanent. If you
> did not see that dialog there is a trash bin *somewhere* (check for a
> .Trash in the home dir ?). But don't expect that trash is supported on
> cygwin.
> -- Jaap

I tried it again and I get neither that confirmation dialog nor can I find
a trash bin.

My "notebook.zim" says "disable_trash=False" -- changed that now. It seems
to have been set to that by default on cygwin though.

-- Yu