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ZImArchivist: archive your links in your zim notes



I just uploaded the first version of my personal tool for zim. Basicaly,
I like to have archives of the URL I paste in my zim notes because
websites, blogs can vanish. I was really disapointed to find dead URLs
in my notes a couple of times without any success from online archives
(like google or http://wayback.archive.org).

Archives are still very simple. Only the text is saved. IMO, it's enough
in 95%.

Somes explanations and code are availlable at

This a purely personal project i'm maintaining on my spare time,
evolving slowly but satisfying my needs. If it could help/give ideas to
some of you, I'll be very happy. French readers can have a look to my
blog for other details ( http://sciunto.wordpress.com

Best wishes,

François Boulogne.