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spacing above headings


First of all I would like to thank you for the zim wiki - I think it's a
magnificient tool, and I use it a lot.

When inserting a heading just below a paragraph there are no blank line
between the paragraph and the heading. If I close down the note and open
it again it looks the same. But if I go to another note in the notebook
and then get back to the the first, a newline is inserted above the

I like my notes compact, so I would rather have no newline above headings,
although I think it would be great if it was possible to insert a smal
spacing (eg 1/4 of a newline).

I've looked for somewhere to change this behaviour from the menus as well
as in config files and style.conf, looked at the help wiki, and searched
the net but haven't found a clue to what to do.

Is it possible to change this behaviour of zim wiki?

zim wiki 0.56 (558-1) on Arch linux/Xfce4.

Thanks again for this great program

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